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Mobile Application Design & Development

We possess exceptional expertise in mobile application development, especially for Android platform,i-OS and Phone Gap. The professional developers with us are capable of providing the latest sophisticated and updated innovations and related apps.

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Android Application Development

MPR specializes in customized android application and SDK android programming services needed for your business. We possess exceptional expertise in mobile application development, especially for Android platform. Java programming, the backbone of Android applications, allows third party app creation for use in all android-enabled gadgets. The professional Android developers with us are capable of providing the latest sophisticated and updated android innovations and related open source apps.

Carve a Niche in Android Market

At MPR, we provide unrivalled Android solutions. The developers at MPR are highly experienced and have the expertise in the Android development tools or ADT. All our solutions are customized for medium, small, and large-scale businesses. With tremendous changes being introduced in the mobile app industry, taking advantage of the innovative android application solutions at MPR will give you the best advantage and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Customized Apps

We offer an extensive range of customized and effective Android apps including internet, communication, office, messaging, multimedia, travel, utility, security, remote, web service, and GPS apps. Android platform has over 60% of the mobile market share, and is used in a wide range of smart devices including mobile phones, tablets, eyewear, and watches.
The enhanced solutions provided by MPR enable you to tap into the profitable Android market effectively. We use sophisticated technologies that deliver top quality solution by incorporating the ever-changing enterprise requirements into outstanding user-friendly android apps. The apps we develop are traced through the entire lifecycle to ensure they accomplish the criteria desired by our clients.

Why we are the best?

We provide highly innovative and customer centric solutions that are targeted at producing the ultimate user experience. The exceptional standards we maintain enable us to provide unrivalled Android apps. The experts’ team at MPR has expertise in offering services for a wide variety of industry verticals. We aim at providing the ultimate solution and satisfaction for our clients with our highly secure and efficient mobile solutions. Agile methodologies we employ help in meeting with your business requirements in a short time.
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iOS Applications Development

iOS platform is a priority platform that has a staggering market share and is a leader in app monetization. The new iOS 8 platform enables iPhone apps to improve their user accessibility and business productivity features to a very high level. MPR offers iOS app development services to help businesses build secure and scalable mobile apps for all Apple mobile devices.
The professional programmers at MPR are involved in continuous research and analysis to introduce the best quality offering. Our frameworks and approach are optimized to a high degree to enable enhanced user friendliness and appropriate coding.

Why us?

Our team of expert professionals is proficient in Swift, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Objective C, and all Apple regulations. They are also well equipped in the latest advanced features for Apple devices including health and fitness, CloudKit, TouchID, Sandbox Security, HomeKit, and many more. Our exceptional features include:

  • Industry leading mobile app development for iOS platform, ensuring easy approval at the app store of Apple and for in-House use
  • Highly sophisticated user-friendly apps for iPhone to engage customers and increase business profits
  • Affordable and flexible
  • Customer centric agile methodology
  • Talented and proficient iOS developers
  • 100% Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Our Innovative Services

    At MPR, we have vast experience in developing the industry standard iOS mobile apps. Our iOS mobile app development service provides a complete spectrum of apps, leveraging the Apple utilities to the maximum. We empower businesses with the potential and competitive edge by our enhanced apps that ensure enriched customer service and wider reach.
    The experience we possess in the mobile app development helps us give the best possible iOS mobile app services that are suited for use in all Apple mobile devices including iPad mini. Our services include location based GPS and map integration, media integration, social media apps, retail apps, and real estate apps.
    MPR takes care of the complete app development cycle from concept level to getting listed in the app support and giving ongoing support. We use agile methodology in our development and are committed towards providing the best service to our customers, ensuring our apps match their requirements precisely.
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    Competitive Advantage

    MPR team of experts strives to provide a simple, efficient, and easy to manage ecommerce site, which is also feature rich. Personalizing your product or services with our designs is accomplished easily, enabling success in your online endeavor with a high percentage of loyal and satisfied customers. We often grant you with a unique and smoothly manageable business platform, seamless customer relationship, increased revenue, and greater business growth.

    Boosting Business

    Our simple navigation offers a user friendly and accessible ecommerce site with designs that display your products in the best light instead of overpowering them. All products are displayed in top quality resolution with the designs, enabling clear display of information. We position the ‘call to action’ in a prominent way to boost user response. The themes we create give better back-end for you to manage all the elements. Our results are of top quality and made available at unbelievable prices. We have a flexible price range to accommodate all budgets.
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