Intelligent Customized Resource Planner

ICRESP : Intelligent Customized Resource Planner is an intelligent ERP system with a strong accounting platform for managing any kind of business. Its main features are - customizable, robust, flexible and user-friendly.


van delivery application

This tablet-based android application can operate in both offline and online mode and it will be useful for marketing executives. This system can manage any kind of van delivery requirement.

Distribution ERP

Distribution ERP can manage supply chain and logistics activities. It integrates warehouse management, inventory management and order management. Wholesale distribution ERP can improve customer satisfaction.

Automobile Services

Automobile service centers can use this ERP system to manage their job cards, inventory, invoicing and accounting. This system can be used to track the service history of vehicles.


VAT/GST enabled ERP system can manage various business processes. This software can be customized for retail and wholesale industry.

Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing ERP ensures all raw materials are available for production and it is useful to run business better. This ERP system can help you to solve manufacturing challenges and thus improve efficiency.

Project Management ERP

Cloud based project management ERP will be useful to manage all projects even if it is a complex one. Project costing and billing can be done efficiently.

College ERP

This software is designed to handle all operations in a college. This user-friendly system can automate all operations of academic and non-academic departments.