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Website Design & Development

Development is a broad word for the work engaged in developing a web site for the Internet or an intranet. Mentor can range from developing the simplest static single pages to the most complex web based internet applications. At this time, a few reasons why we feel you should think about us to assist your business grow online

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Domain Name Registration

Domain name is the simplest and most obvious method of making your company or brand name known to everyone. When your website has domain name of its own, the visitors to your site will be able to remember you better and access you more easily. Thus, a domain is the first step you have to consider in website development.

Our Exceptional Domain Registration Services

MPR offers domain registration service to all clients who need it. We take care of choosing the appropriate name for your website. Our services also include sub-domain setup and synchronizing email ids with the domain name. We implement the domain name, ensuring that whenever a user searches via your selected domain name, they are directed to the main page of your website.

Guaranteed Functionality

When you engage our top quality services, we ensure a completely authorized and legal domain name registration. Proper configuration of email ID with domain name and appropriate mailing status information along with other redirections are also included in our services. SEO friendly URLs and domain structures are necessary for increasing visibility and being ranked in the search engines. We always offer complete SEO semantics.

Affordable and Efficient

We offer multiple sub-domain setups at highly affordable costs, irrespective of the efforts and the top quality services we provide. From offering full control of the domain administration to providing post service support, our services usually give you more value for your money.

Why we are the best?

For establishing a strong foundation for your business and brand, domain name is essential. Our efficient domain registration services give your business the right image and reputation. The meticulous support and constant guidance we provide ensures smooth domain name implementation. We take care to maintain the right hierarchical structure of the sub-directories in relation to the domain because of the vital nature of hierarchy in accessibility and SEO outlook. We research and analyze to arrive at the best packages and plans from the domain register to help you generate maximum returns from your investments. Our vast experience and expert team are ready to help you out with the best domain names that are apt for your enterprise.
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Website Hosting

MPR offers ideal web hosting services for your website. The services we provide ensures a dedicated nook for your website, enabling better performance and functionality, without the hassles faced in a shared type of hosting.

Cost-effective Hosting

Our reliable and dedicated server is controlled and managed solely by us. The extensive hosting capacity present in our server enables us provide the type of hosting services that our clients seek. A fast, affordable, and secure dedication hosting backed by a reliable technical support gives our clients a good value for their money and more.

Trustworthy and Effective Service

At MPR, we have a meticulously planned and effectively implemented process, enabling us to provide trustworthy services with very negligible downtime over the span of a whole year. The technical support team with us is ready to support you at any given time.

Benefits of Our Hosting

  • Ample server space based on your requirements without any type of constraints
  • Ability to create several sub-domains and domains
  • Complete and independent access to the server
  • Simplified and convenient to manage control panel
  • In spite of the various effective and efficient services, they are often available at very affordable costs. Contact us to know more about our services.

    Safe Website Management

    Without a proper website, hosting the visibility and functionality of the website cannot be accomplished. We offer extreme security with SSL encryption to enable a secure online transfer of data. Data theft and online hacking are great menaces that websites face all the time. We offer complete protection from hackers and theft of information.

    Enhanced Technicality

    The server we provide is equipped with top quality configuration of hardware, negating any glitches in the technical aspect. As a result, our users get exceptional uptime. Unlimited space both in downloading and uploading of files, economic and competitive pricing, and a hosting service that is fast and efficient are at your disposal, when you avail our superior hosting services.
    The hassles of sharing bandwidth and power with other websites unknown to you are no longer necessary with the dedicated and affordable hosting services provided by MPR.
    Get a quote from us now and make use of our exceptional hosting services.

    Email Hosting

    At MPR, we specialize in the routine management of the business email platform you possess, so you can focus your valuable time on other pertinent aspects that need your attention. Our email hosting services enable a simple and potent communication establishment for your company.
    Through the various email-hosting services we offer, it is possible to perform a mixture of necessary tasks efficiently and in a quick way.

    Professional Email Services

    MPR offers secure and reliable email hosting services for businesses and individuals alike. The vast experience and expertise we possess in email hosting has enabled us to boost our services and provide outstanding support to our clients. From enterprise level, email systems to customized email support, all our services are efficiently executed, always ensuring the maximum benefit for you. Our support does not stop with the email hosting setup. We provide capable assistance whenever you are in need of it.

    Excellent Customer Service

    At MPR, we understand the importance of reliable email services and the frustration caused when there is some problem with the service. MPR provides support via live chat and email all seven days in a week. The customer support team possesses required knowledge and experience in the field, enabling to help you with any related queries.

    Highly Secure

    We guarantee an effective and fully functional email service that also provides complete security to your data. We have built several redundant layers as protection, which is sure to provide you with responsive and reliable data until the end of time. The encrypted and secure communication features we provide give total security for your data all the time.

    Reliable Email Service

    We constantly upgrade and expand our server infrastructure, ensuring the most stable and reliable services for our customers. The incredible uptime, alerts, and monitoring provides nipping any untoward incidents in the initial stages itself averting accidents. A safe, secure, and reliable email delivery is possible with our service and we effectively trace any issues to the email sender and rectify it immediately.
    MPR is committed to performing a sustainable and ethical service that provides all our clients with the flexibility, power, and scalability they need for their business. We take care of all the hassles involved in managing an email hosting. Contact us now!

    Professional Website Design

    For your business to make its presence known online, a custom website is vital. A professional website design is necessary to customize your website and make it stand out from the rest. At MPR, we offer a complete website design range. Our website design services also include development and marketing services online irrespective of the type of website.
    We are experience in creating custom templates and designs for several open source applications and content management systems. Our team of expert website designers can provide you with a wide range of solutions from starter sites that have a single page to highly complicated and custom designed applications. We also design scalable websites, if you require them.

    Cost effective Designs

    The websites we design are fully customized and innovative, but available at highly competitive rates. The advanced programming and marketing expertise we possess enables us to give result-oriented services at an affordable price range.

    Specialized Services

    The team at MPR possesses the expertise to design and customize any type of website, host it, and take care of the promotions. The skilled developers with us update your site and furnish the right customization needed, giving you the competitive edge. We are committed to creating an effective, engaging, and powerful website. We create unique design concepts and use top quality standards to produce superior websites which boast of top search engine rankings, increased conversion rates, and enhanced visitor loyalty.

    Our Web Design Features

    We believe in creating powerful internet marketing campaigns and strong web presence. From our unique web designs and applications to customized ecommerce solutions and effective marketing campaigns, we see to each aspect of the website, making it extremely functional and productive. WordPress site development, integrating Flash applications, High-resolution images and three-dimensional presentations are some of our special design features.

    Outstanding and Dedicated Service

    At MPR, we focus on delivering innovative and high performing solutions via our stunning and sophisticated graphics, codes, and SEO strategies. The professional website design and development we offer along with SERP and SEO management we execute assist in increasing your market presence and maximizing website performance.

    Website Development

    An impressive web presence is important for your business to survive in the present competitive atmosphere. Every enterprise needs to have a unique website that displays its product or brand in the best manner and improves visibility and credibility. With the right website-development service, you can achieve the desired web presence in a perfect and reputable manner possible. MPR, a leading web application development company, provides enhanced web development solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

    Inspiring Solutions

    The team of experts at MPR possesses an extensive knowledge in website design. We understand your specific needs and provide an appropriate solution that meets your needs and more. Our dedicated and reliable service ensures you get top quality web development solutions and establish an efficacious website.

    Easy and Effective Navigation

    Our highly compatible solutions offer easy navigation and smooth browsing feature, allowing visitors to view your services and products without difficulty. Converting visitors to loyal customers is easily managed with our excellent and user-friendly features. Better user experience and enhanced web development processes that we create for your users result in an unmitigated productivity for your business.

    Why us?

    We specialize in a fully customized and completely functional web solution. High usability, scalability, and productivity are ensured with our services. Complete control of the website, enhanced website and great user and search engine friendliness are guaranteed with our services. A fast working and cost effective website that has a strong customer support 24/7 are some of the salient features that make us stand out from our competitors. We promise top quality and fast turnaround time, giving you true value for your money. We convert your dreams to reality with our superior quality services.
    Our designers’ team collaborates in a seamless way to ensure your vision is realized. We help in implementing all your website goals and create the right web design you require. A website shows your business the best light and helps in converting a prospective customer to a loyal one.
    Since the website is the first touch point a prospective customer has with you, it needs to be designed and developed in a unique, attractive, and productive way. Our team with its exceptional knowledge and creative concepts fully brings the right personality and acumen online.
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    Dynamic Websites

    A website gives the best impression about your business. When you create an imposing online presence, your business will benefit largely from it. The dynamic website development services offered by MPR are available at competitive pricing for both small and medium scale businesses.

    Why a dynamic website is vital?

    A dynamic web site has content, which is changed with a script or programs when it is requested. The pages in a dynamic website give users the freedom to set their preferences in relation to the information that is displayed. Dynamic websites are needed for hosting content like e-business, online databases, private areas, collaborative content, resume, membership, online retail stores, knowledge base, etc.

    How static and dynamic websites differ?

    When you design a website, it is in the form of either a static or a dynamic website. A static format responds to every request on search the same way. A dynamic page is customized, resulting in every request being tailored based on the visitor requesting the search.
    While a static type of website provides you with interactive information of your services and products, a dynamic website has the capacity to engage visitors and create a more powerful impact on the business. A static format is sufficient for just presenting information, but if you need to post collaborative content, e-business or member only information, a dynamic format is the right choice.

    Advantages with Dynamic Websites

    A dynamic format in your website gives more advantages although it is difficult for search engines to index it. A dynamic site has all its content stored in one single database, which is assembled to form a web page when it is requested. When you have to change your website content frequently, the dynamic site is important. It also reduces the hassles of website maintenance for users not familiar with HTML.

    Avail Our Dynamic Web Solutions

    MPR believes in rendering the best standards in web designing. Our team of experts works in tandem to deliver complete customer satisfaction with our solutions. Some of our enhanced dynamic features provided by our team include:

  • Dynamic flash designs
  • Easy and convenient control panel
  • Full service, shopping cart
  • Facility to display unlimited number of products
  • Feature of adding inquiry basket
  • Ability to manage links, text, and images conveniently
  • Ecommerce Web Design

    E-commerce web design enables a seamless display of products, easy selling and buying, and an efficient marketing of your products online in a very cost effective manner. MPR offers outstanding ecommerce solutions that cover a wide range of markets that are forever evolving to suit the needs of their growing customers. Our ecommerce services are tailored to give greater flexibility with their scalable features, which can be modified based on the changing requirements. The integration of the changes to the main core process is also made easier.

    Enhanced Functionality

    At MPR, we provide advanced functionality features for our ecommerce design. The powerful customization features help in integrating diversified open source products with the ecommerce designs we create to improve efficiency and functionality. Our services include:

  • Appealing and attention grabbing designs
  • Sophisticated shopping cart integration
  • Order management facility
  • Enhanced shipping feature
  • Inventory management
  • Payment module
  • Exemplary Support Service

    All services at MPR including the ecommerce website services come with 24/7 support. We strive to always provide you with the value for your money. Our team of support personnel is ready to give you complete guidance in maximizing the benefits of our services whenever you are in need of them.

    Competitive Advantage

    MPR team of experts strives to provide a simple, efficient, and easy to manage ecommerce site, which is also feature rich. Personalizing your product or services with our designs is accomplished easily, enabling success in your online endeavor with a high percentage of loyal and satisfied customers. We often grant you with a unique and smoothly manageable business platform, seamless customer relationship, increased revenue, and greater business growth.

    Boosting Business

    Our simple navigation offers a user friendly and accessible ecommerce site with designs that display your products in the best light instead of overpowering them. All products are displayed in top quality resolution with the designs, enabling clear display of information. We position the ‘call to action’ in a prominent way to boost user response. The themes we create give better back-end for you to manage all the elements. Our results are of top quality and made available at unbelievable prices. We have a flexible price range to accommodate all budgets.
    Contact us now to know more about our industry leading ecommerce solutions.